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About the Book

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn to shotgun beer without blowing it out your nose. Trapped in an 80s Teen Movie is a romantic comedy fantasy about inter-dimensionality, parenthood, kidulthood and the enduring qualities of Twinkies.

The gist of this story? When lifelong friends Julie and Rosanna are electrocuted by an ancient Betamax, they wake up as the main characters in their favorite 1980s teen movie. How will they get back to reality… and do they really want to?

You want to know more? Okay…

Everyone has wondered at some point or another, what they’d do if they got a second chance at life. For Julie and Rosanna, in their late-thirties and stuck in the back end of Delaware, that chance couldn’t come too soon.

Julie is a good girl, a movie nut and a hopeless romantic. All she’s ever wanted is a big loving family to replace the one she never had.

Instead she’s married to Roger, a sulky manchild who keeps putting off having kids and strings her along with the promise that they’ll try for a baby soon, maybe next year – when she’s forty.

To top it all off, she just got fired from her dead-end job, selling five hundred different kinds of hot sauce.

Rosanna is Julie’s best friend. She wanted to be a famous artist, but she’s wound up teaching art to bored high schoolers instead. Her students have just voted her ‘Least S**t Teacher of the Year’.

Her husband walked a long time ago, and her teenage son won’t communicate with anything that doesn’t come with a touch screen.

So, life isn’t going exactly how they planned.

Until one night, Julie is clearing out her mother’s garage and she finds an old Betamax VCR and a stack of dusty videotapes.

All Julie and Rosanna have in mind is tequila and total movie nostalgia – their perfect girls’ night in.

But what they get is electrocuted.

When they wake up, they are twenty years younger and the main characters in their favorite 1980s teen movie, If You Leave (don’t worry, this isn’t one you somehow missed; it’s a pastiche of a bunch of classic 1980s teen movies – have fun spotting the references!).

For Rosanna – the eternal adolescent – this is a dream come true; a chance to start all over again and to do it right this time. In this movie, she’s the coolest girl in school with a hot, mysterious boyfriend [Andrew], a doting father who’ll give her anything she wants and a scholarship to study art in Paris. Why would she ever want to leave?

For Julie – Miss Responsibility – this is her worst nightmare. She wants to get home to her sensible job, her boring husband and the dream of starting a family before it’s too late. Plus, she’s now the sidekick in her own favorite movie and the boy she was in love with when she was eighteen for the first time [Johnnie] is hopelessly, unrequitedly in love with Rosanna.

Julie is determined to figure out a way to get back to reality.

But things start to change when Johnnie falls for Julie and offers her everything her real-life husband isn’t giving her; and Rosanna has to choose between her over-protective movie father, her ‘perfect’ boyfriend and her spoilt-brat real-life son.

They’re forced to face up to the serious questions of their lives: what do they want? how will they get it? is it ever acceptable to wear lime green legwarmers with orange stilettos, even in a fictional universe?

Just as things threaten to get really out of control, Julie and Rosanna are given the opportunity to get back to reality and must decide if they will take it.

If you want to read the full story, buy it on (also available on Amazon worldwide).


If you got it, share it!Share on FacebookPin on PinterestTweet about this on TwitterShare on RedditShare on Tumblr

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